even angels have their wicked schemes

Flawed, oh! How he is flawed.
 angel(s) gripping you tight

my friend thinks that i can’t finish anything long-term to save my life,

so i decided to read a chapter of harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone every other week or so

and since she knows about my tumblr, she’ll check up on me and if i win, she’s gonna give me 50 bucks. 

so all i have to ask you guys is - US or UK version?

Dec 18 + 63 notes
  1. theweepingaardvark answered: UK
  2. dttwins answered: UK:)
  3. stepchildofthesun answered: I’ve never read the UK version (I’m American) but 1 thing you’ll learn: It’s really hard to look into the webcam while reading from a book.
  4. noxthelights answered: UK! :)
  5. applesaucequeen answered: UK, so then you can tell me what it’s like so I can decide whether or not to read it. :[]
  6. tomlinday answered: UK! OMG UK! UK :3
  7. noshortageoffault answered: uk
  8. carryonmywaywardmoose answered: uk
  9. astrophil-is-my-muse answered: UK!
  10. nerdonawire answered: UK versiiiiiiiiiiiiion
  11. sanabajay answered: UK
  12. diagonalley answered: US
  13. transientwanderlust answered: uk. Go for philosopher’s stone.
  14. johnnymalfoy answered: UK!!!!!!
  15. marmaladesugarbowl answered: UK
  16. reblogging-machine answered: UK
  17. funnybutt answered: #no1currs #coolstorybro #tellitagain
  18. myblognotyourconcern answered: uk
  19. arbedydydd answered: UK c:!
  20. the-north-remembers answered: UK
  21. nrlcnscs answered: is that a real question? UK. :D
  22. actual-ironman-tonystark answered: UK
  23. good-game-gilby answered: US. uk is the “philosopher’s” stone anyway
  24. constructedofchemicals answered: the US version is prettier, it has drawings, stars, the letters appear as letters (with signatures drawn). I like it, it’s magical :)
  25. corvidaet answered: UK. Always UK
  26. slytherindoctorsat221b answered: uk
  27. consulting-ravenclaw answered: UK version! :)
  28. wickwickwicked answered: uk
  29. electrick-lady answered: UK
  30. halfbloodmagic answered: UK!
  31. braviura answered: UK
  32. hayleighreid answered: UK, the way it was meant to be read
  33. factorycreated answered: I’m from Australia, so UK version.
  34. im-shinier-in-enochian answered: UK :D
  35. mountain--vibes answered: UK version. for sure.
  36. nachonemisis answered: UK. Are you in/sane/? Read it as Rowling wanted you to - Perfect and unabridged.
  37. badtimingandme answered: UK. No question about it.
  38. monmeilleurami answered: US
  39. arcticmonkees answered: UK
  40. felinejaye answered: UK, every time. I’m unsure about the proof. Dramatic readings would be fun for us but difficult for you.
  41. just-roll answered: UK.
  42. imjusttoocooltohaveagoodurl answered: UK Version, its the way J.K intended it to be, so its best :L
  43. wa--nderlust answered: UK
  44. thepenwasred answered: UK version. It’s the original and it’s beautiful and quality.
  45. dig-adaytripper answered: UK
  46. rockon4ever answered: UK
  47. mymermaidhotel answered: UK.
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